Global Manufacturer Ramph and MCH have teamed together to create a light weight polyurethane of incredible strength, flexibility and price. Visit for technical data.

Color Match

All colors are matched by Pantone number to the industry standard using only the highest quality pigments. Standard colors are always free, custom colors are available at an additional fee.*


Our relationship with RAMPH allows us bulk polyurethane at an affordable price. The minimal overhead and size of MCH keeps operational costs low and we can pass these savings on to the customer. We feel that the cost of a climbing hold should only be dependant on the material cost and weight, the quality ergonomics and asthetics come standard and free.

Why MCH?

The majority of the quality climbing holds being made today are for top teir competitive athletes. We provide the same quality materials and craftsmanship, but focus more on small gyms with regular daily customers of intermediate ability who need a constant influx of new grips at an affordable price.

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Meuse Climbing Holds LLC
8775 Easton Road Ottsville
PA 18942
P: (603) 793-8085

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Jackie H.

Quite fun.

Climbing Hold Review/ Jeremy D.

Excellent grips, unbelievable prices

About Us

MCH started in Doylestown PA at the local gym. Like every shaper and like every small gym, I wanted new holds mostly because all the old polyester holds were glassed over, no texture remained. So, I began shaping based off what I could decipher from the holds we had and never stopped until I had studied the methods of all the shapers and could reproduce them. We then took the best elements of all the holds and the best traits of all the designers and merged them into one singular style.

With an extensive education in 2D/3D Design our lead shaper then began to apply geometry and focused on proportion and relationships between curves to refine usability and functionality. The result is a diverse style with solid fundementals you can't find any where else.