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Modular Climbing Holds provide interchangable options that allow the routesetter to create a hold with specific attributes. The Dual Texture (No texture) Base excepts five different textured grip inserts of increasing positivity. There are three base sizes (Mini, Small, Large and three base variations. (Regular, 45 and Comp)

Screw on the base, set angle and fasten set screws.
Remove bolt and drop in an insert. Fasten, chalk up and give it a try. Not the grip you wanted? Try another insert leaving the base fastened to the wall. You got the grip, but not the taper you wanted. Then swap that too.

So... why should anyone use the Modular System? Easy answer, time and money. We at Meuse Climbing Holds like to think of ourselves not as Climbing Hold Manufacturers, but as Process Engineers for gyms. We strive to improve the base processes and customer experience. We know what it takes to run a gym, we do the work and want it be better and easier for our own sake. Boring tasks and problems with storage and cleaning are not preforable for employees and lacking creativity, too much old school conventional thinking is not bringing in customers, so new technology was required to keep the product fresh and profitable.

The Modular System allows for use of five different hold inserts per base. So, one Modular Hold can provide the grip angles of five normal holds. Since an insert is half the mass of a regular hold, you purchase half the plastic of a regular hold. Shipping costs are reduced. Hold storage is decreased. Hold weight can be broken into thirds to lift. Large holds are easier for a single person to adjust and fasten. Inserts can be used without the base. All inserts are color matched to industry standards.

Color Matching holds is preforable, but limited to only a few colors. A blue route could seem to intersect with another and confuse the climber. Consider changing the base color or graphic to add a second attribute, making the hold blue/white or blue/cheetah as shown below.

Meuse Climbing Holds LLC
Massachusetts USA