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Since we started in 2012 we've traveled many miles to promote the brand and met many amazing people coast to coast. From the small home wall owner to the big gym chains, we all do things differently and we at MCH love to showcase the unique ways climbers get things done. Here you can find stills and video of events we sponsor, interviews with the shapers and routesetters that define the industry and keep current with everything MCH.

Kinetic Climbing & Fitness/ Columbus Ohio
Working with the other designers in the industry has lead to an overall increase in the quality of the products we offer from design to packaging. Their knowledge and experience has been invaluable to making rapid advances and controlling quality. Here is "Mr. Han Dual Tex" and "Ratio" Crimps making their debut at "Kinetic Climbing & Fitness" in Columbus Ohio. Tony is definitely one of the legends and has had a big impact on our work.

Climbing Holds are tools and like all others, there are good tools and one's that just do the job. Why that is, is often hard to tell. How does a person know what to look for in a quality hold? Why does one company do things one way and one company another? Craftsmanship seems easy to spot, but knowing what fundation a hold is built on, is good to know from a glance. This early video of shaping a crimp and converting it to a jug, explains several different ways the hold can be shaped and why a person would want to add certain attributes to achieve specific results. If you can sit through it, you may have a better understanding of the basic geometry, proportion and the relationships between curves that should be present in all holds. Look for more videos to follow.


Meuse Climbing Holds LLC
Croydon PA